5 Easy Window Care Ideas For Clear Autumn Driving

A clean windshield--inside and out--might be one of your vehicle’s most underrated safety features.

A clean windshield is easy to take for granted, until fall arrives, and the sun sits lower in the sky, bringing about glare that went unnoticed earlier in the year.

The windshield isn’t just something you look through while driving, it’s a barrier against insects and a vital structural component for your vehicle. Keeping it clean gives you a better view of the road, day or night.

October is a good time to replace those wiper blades, whose rubber or silicone components may have dry rotted during the long, hot summer.

A fresh set of wiper blades is just one of many things you can do to improve the view through your windshield. There’s also anti-fog products, rain repellents and solutions that can clean and prevent haze from adhering to the glass.

Ron Fausnight, group technical manager at Rain-X, offers some advice for cleaning and treating your windshield:

  1. Change out wiper blades. Summer's ultraviolet rays destroys the rubber compounds on wiper blades. A new set of blades helps provide a clean sweep of those early autumn rains.
  2. Use a glass cleaner designed specifically for automobile glass. They help prevent streaks. Streaks=glare.
  3. Clean interior and exterior glass surfaces thoroughly before applying window treatment products.
  4. Anti-fog products dissipate moisture, helping it evaporate. They are for use on the inside of a windshield.
  5. Apply window treatment products with a terry cloth or microfiber towel. Spray the towel rather than the surface and wipe it evenly across the glass. Remove excess fluid with a clean, dry cloth to eliminate haze.
  6. Avoid getting window treatment products on rubber surfaces. They contain alcohol and can cause rubber to dry or crack.